magnesium a book of poetry, prose, and dialogues

a book of poetry, prose, and dialogues


"In an honest unraveling of personal perspective, this collection of poems isn’t preoccupied with a singular aim or objective. The tempo set forth by Buckley’s style suggests poignantly that we may want to listen, rather than impose, thus inviting us to glean more clearly those things which defy explanation.

Magnesium strolls tenderly along emotional disaster, lending a careful ear to it and making it habitable. Piecing together fragmented thoughts surrounding a displaced romance, the reader experiences with the author the pain of communing in disharmony and how the confusion of loss and finality can linger in an agonizing way.

Deploying a soft touch amongst the harshness of what is normative, Buckley comes into contact with modern concerns and struggles with how to live amicably among them. It yields to suspicion, rewrites assumption, and has a confrontation with collective agreement. Readers will become enmeshed in its overarching sincerity in the face of a world that keeps mostly to the party line."

“Funny, bleak, and concise. An honest American love story presented in stunning fragments."
– The Domestics
Magnesium feels both original and contemporary, with some excellent wordplay.”
– Social Book Shelves
“I was engulfed. Really refreshing.”
– Books & Whimsicals
“Ray Buckley is worth keeping an eye on.”
– North of Oxford
“One hauntingly beautiful puzzle [that is] peppered with humor. Trust me when I tell you
that should you stumble upon Ray Buckley’s Magnesium, it is your lucky day.”
– Boardwalk Gemini
Magnesium burns the oxygen around it. Four stars.”
– Savvy Verse and Wit
“A self aware, meta collection. It’s not only that the reader feels they’ve been invited in,
but that they’re then not forgotten. I definitely recommend this.”
– Books Unstitched
“Incredibly beautiful.“
– Amanda Center